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What is congee?

What is congee you ask? Also known as Jook, congee is a soupy mixture of rice, water, vegetables, and other ingredients to boost longevity, soothe the sick and strengthen the digestive system. Because it's so easy to digest, it doesn't force the body to overwork and the system can easily metabolize it. Congee contains up to 90% water. The starchy mix in the congee can stay in the body longer than other types of food and allow the system to digest at a slower pace. If you find yourself part of the 3:00 pm routine of craving caffeine/sugar/carbs, then warm congee in the morning can set your blood sugar for the day.

Why try congee?

Rice is considered a "neutral grain" in Chinese medicine, congee makes an amazing base that can metabolically rev you or cool you down depending on what you add to it. A few of our top reasons as to why you should add this meal to your menu is:

  • Congee fires up the digestive system

  • Congee is the breakfast of champions

  • Congee moves the blood

  • Congee aids convalesce

  • Congee keeps you hydrated

Interested in making congee yourself?

The secret to making a good congee is in the proportions. For a smoother congee, go with a 10:1 ratio of liquid to rice. For a thicker gruel like congee, go with a ratio of 7:1


  • 5 cups water

  • 5 cups bone broth (you can also just use water, either works - in which case it would be 10 cups water)

  • 1 cup sushi or jasmine rice

  • 2 chicken drumsticks

  • 1 package of baby bella mushrooms

  • 2 eggs

Throw everything into a pot. Bring to a boil; immediately drop to a simmer for an hour. When cooked, pull the meat off the bones. Stir in the egg during the last minute of cooking right before serving.

Great elements to add: Apple cider vinegar, balsamic, a scoop of miso, scallions, poached egg, parsley, lotus root, dash of paprika, black sesame seeds or tamari.

How creative will you be with your recipe? Would you like to learn more about Chinese Medicine? Connect with us today to schedule an appointment.


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