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The Strategic Relationships Between Herbs and Acupuncture + Your Mental health

Throughout the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, many people have benefited greatly from the combination of these two practices. Through the combination of the classic Ling Shu-style of acupuncture and the use of strategies rooted in herbal medicine, major improvements to the mental well-being and health of patients have shown positive results. At Michigan Acupuncture Studio we put in place proper treatment plans that utilize both TCM and acupuncture to help our patients with their mental health. There are four areas in which a trained Licensed Acupuncture takes into consideration for each treatment.

Nourishing the Blood

The treatment of mental health through the sheng hua principle sets its focus on blood. When treating mental health there are three main criteria. The first of these three criteria require “nourishing” and “invigorating” the blood. The emphasis is placed on either the nourishing or moving of blood accordingly. The choice depends on the nature of the patient's deficiency or excess in relation to their ailments. Sheng hua shows us that the key to successfully nourishing the bloodstream starts with the movement of blood and vice versa. Blood is the main source that nourishes the mind and carries one's shen, hence the importance it has on mental well-being and treatments.

Calming the Shen and “strengthening the spleen,”

When it comes to calming the shen there are many different methods to do so. These methods include clearing heat, stabilizing, nourishing or quieting and all of these methods can be implemented into our treatment processes at Michigan Acupuncture Studio.

Strengthening the Spleen

When it comes to strengthening the spleen it is important to identify the root of the shen disturbance. Through Confucian thinking, it’s thought that this kind of disturbance is rooted in a “weak mind.” The best way to strengthen this is by tapping into the yi, which is housed in the spleen. The main issues addressed in strengthening the spleen involve obsessiveness, compulsion, addictions, eating disorders, and confusion.

Nourishing the Yin

Treatments can differ from person to person depending on one’s deficiency when nursing the yin. The yin levels are rooted in the thin jin fluids located in the lungs and stomach. To reset this region it requires the clearing of excess heat. Other aspects of the body relate to the ye fluids which are related to the kidneys & liver, and they can be treated similarly.

The "Gift" of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture

In herbal medicine, there are several herbs that can satisfy the strategies for treating mental health. Where the real work lies, is in how to apply these strategies properly through acupuncture treatments and our medicines. Through proper implementation of TCM and acupuncture, Michigan Acupuncture Studio can improve the physical and spiritual well-being of our patients. We take pride in our in-depth evaluations of our patients. Our goal is to find what ailments need to be treated. Once problem areas are identified, Michigan Acupuncture Studio can put into place a specialized treatment plan, incorporating both herbal and acupuncture strategies that will have you feeling better than ever.

Our practiced methods consist of thousands of years of research. Our treatments are safe and all our products are natural. They can help strengthen the minds of our patients and turn inner weaknesses into strengths and wisdom. See how we can help improve your physical or mental well-being by contacting us today.

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