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Feeling Stuck? Here Are Our Constipation Solutions

One of the most common digestive complaints is constipation. It is typically a temporary condition and is usually a symptom of imbalance rather than a disease itself.

Through Traditional Chinese Medicine, two main causes and underlying factors of constipation have been identified–either a lack of nourishment to the bowel or a blockage in the intestine.

For most types of constipation, minor lifestyle and nutritional changes such as staying well-hydrated, getting enough fiber, and regular exercise are generally sufficient. However, when additional intervention is needed, there are a number of Chinese herbal supplements that are also very effective.

The type of constipation an individual is experiencing is what should determine the methods and herbal supplements used for treatment. For example, there are some herbal supplements that work to soften stool, increase moisture, and supplement the body and there are also some that help reduces blockage, improve flow, and soothe heat or irritation.


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