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Feeling exhausted from summer activities?

The peak of summer is finally here–sunny skies, lazy mornings, and of course sun rays that have you reaching for your sunglasses every time you go outside. We hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and warmth!

If you’ve had a fun-filled summer of gardening, swimming, or playing summer sports, most likely you are having some form of nagging, daily aches that have been developing for quite some time. Lower back pain is one of the most common and can really feel like a burden, holding you back from enjoying your life. Other summer ailments may include heat stroke, allergies, dehydration and much more.

If you are searching for how to reduce some of these summer side-effects, Acupuncture and TCM can provide real relief. By taking some time to learn about the different types of treatments available, and choosing one that will work best for you, it is possible to find relief from these chronic conditions.

Some possible treatments to summer ailments include:


Teas & herbs

gua sha


nutritional support

certain massage techniques

Now, let’s talk about a couple specifics!

Acupuncture - The Perfect Summer Remedy

Acupuncture is a versatile treatment that can be used to remedy many of the issues that arise in the summer months. Whether you are experiencing back or joint pain from doing the things you love, or are struggling with the heat and allergies that accompany this time of the year, acupuncture is here to help.

Acupuncture can help decrease inflammation, clears and opens pathways in the face, moves and improves systemic circulation, and calms the nervous system. These are just a few ways that acupuncture can help you heal and keep you feeling good as we head into the heat of August.

Cupping for summer heat muscle stress

The summer heat can be hard on your body especially if you are forcing your body to work through the hottest times of the day. Chinese medicine has a long history of treating a wide range of symptoms that occur during the hot season. Cupping therapy can help and is a practice that uses glass cups to suction the skin. This treatment stimulates blood flow and removes toxins from muscle tissue to relieve pain, aches, and swelling. It is a very common method for treating back pain,

Stop your pain and schedule a cupping session today!


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