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What your Period can tell us.

Did you know your period can tell you so much about what's going on with your overall health? It's true! We gather so much data about our patients from their periods. We understand that a woman's menstrual cycle can be such a hindrance to living a happy and healthy life. So below we are going to discuss the side effects we hear most commonly about pre-period, menstruating and non-existent period pain.

It’s true that not all women experience pain when they are on their period. Some women exhibit symptoms prior to having their period and they will feel irritable, have breast tenderness, notice spotting, feel rage-y, and can be severely exhausted before their periods.

The majority of women we see suffer from bloating, cramps, irritability, cravings, heavy, irregular periods. It may seem like your life is also consumed with these ailments.⁣ We have had some patients state that they will even stay home because they are worried about having an "accident" due to heavy bleeding.

On the flip side, we also see patients who aren't having a period at all or it's really light. This is not a great predicament to be in either. Ovulation helps produce progesterone which is a hormone that you want your body to produce.

Most women have come to accept that these issues are normal and sadly because of this normalization most don’t understand that they have an underlying problem. Whether your period is almost nonexistent or it’s too much to handle, we can help get things back to a healthy normal.

A woman's period should be nothing more than just a flow for a few days. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms above we can help. We offer appointments where we can analyze your symptoms and determine the best route for your customized treatments!

Take time to evaluate your cycle.

Schedule an appointment today to take control of your body and its balance.

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