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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Summer Heat

Acupuncture for the summer heat

At the end of August, summer technically comes to an end but it usually tends to heat up before the transition into Fall and this is when many people experience heatstroke. There are numerous benefits you can gain from undergoing acupuncture treatments which include regulating your body temperature, decreasing any inflammation that may have occurred during a heatstroke episode, and treating the digestive disorders typically associated with heatstroke.

Chinese Herbs for the summer heat

If you’re experiencing symptoms of heatstroke, such as fever, blurry vision, or brain fog, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. However, if you’re just experiencing the effects of summer heat, there are some herbs and herbal formulas that can help clear your symptoms. One such herb is the lotus leaf, also known as He Ye. This herb is frequently used to treat diarrhea associated with the summer heat. A go-to herbal formula used to clear summer heat is Qing Luo Yin. This formula eliminates the symptoms of heatstroke, such as fever, blurry vision, and brain fog.

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