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The Twelve Major Meridians

Acupuncture offices often feature a model or chart showing a person and on them several points connected by lines running throughout the body. These models or charts frequently reference the 12 major meridians (6 yin and yang meridians of the arm and 6 yin and yang meridians of the leg) that carry Qi (energy) flow to different parts of the body distributing energy, nutrients, and blood. Think about them like rivers, which carry the flow of water to different destinations.

The 12 meridians include:

  • Bladder Meridian- Regulates removal of toxins from the body

  • Gall Bladder Meridian- Regulates removal of stored toxins in the liver

  • Heart Meridian- Regulates the circulation of blood to all organs

  • Kidney Meridian- Regulates the reproductive system, testosterone levels, produces bone marrow and blood

  • Large Intestine Meridian- Regulates the processing and extraction of water from waste

  • Liver Meridian- Regulates circulation of energy, the female reproductive system, and maintains the flexibility of ligaments and tendons

  • Lung Meridian- Regulates how energy is consumed and impacts the respiratory system

  • Pericardium Meridian- Regulates the energy that surrounds and protects the heart, ensuring proper function and emotional balance

  • Small Intestine Meridian- Regulates digestion, water absorption, nutrient absorption, and bowel functions

  • Stomach Meridian- Regulates the overall digestion of food and extraction of nutrients from food, distribution to spleen and intestines

  • Triple Warmer Meridian- Regulates metabolism of the body and promotes general wellness.

Any interruptions or blockages to these meridians can cause a variety of problems in the body. If you experience any discomfort or illness, contact us and we will identify which meridians need to be addressed and the best way to do so.

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