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Summer Congee Recipe


Do you experience frequent stomach discomfort or irregular bowel movements? Digestive issues present significant challenges for many individuals, affecting daily life in various ways. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides unique insights into digestive health that often elude conventional diagnoses, leading us to effective solutions.

How TCM Views Diet and Digestion:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, diet transcends mere sustenance and is regarded as a therapeutic modality for the body. Food functions as medicine, supplying essential nutrients and energy vital for well-being. However, certain foods produce side effects such as inflammation and poor digestion. TCM evaluates food beyond its nutritional content, focusing on its unique interactions with each individual's body.

Improving Digestion with TCM This Summer:

Congee, a nourishing rice porridge, is recommended for its well-documented digestive benefits. Below is our recommended recipe!

Refreshing Summer Recipe: Summer Congee


1 cup of rice (white, basmati, sweet, etc.)

8 cups liquid (water and/or stock)

Optional toppings: seafood, vegetables, pork, scallions, herbs, ghee, cinnamon, honey


Place ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low until reaching a porridge-like consistency (3–4 hours).

Add salt to taste.

Customize your congee with summer-inspired toppings like seafood, fresh vegetables, or aromatic herbs.

Experiment with adding cooling ingredients like ghee, cinnamon, or honey for a delightful summer twist.

TCM offers a holistic approach to digestive health, addressing individual needs and promoting overall well-being. By incorporating TCM principles into your lifestyle and exploring nourishing recipes like congee, you can embark on a journey towards improved digestion and vitality.

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