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SSRIs and Acupuncture

With depression on the rise across the world, many people are struggling being placed on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, more commonly known as SSRIs. At Michigan Acupuncture Studio we wanted to spread the word that acupuncture sessions can help improve the results of this medication. New research suggests that the use of electroacupuncture can increase the effectiveness of the medication.

To conduct this study, researchers evaluated 100 patients at Guangzhou First People’s Hospital. All of the patients were diagnosed with major depressive disorder. They began their research by administering an SSRI to half of the patients. The other half were given a combination of both escitalopram plus electroacupuncture. The results from this study were truly incredible.

Over the six-week study, patients received a total of six treatment courses that lasted 45 minutes. Following the six weeks of research, the group that had been receiving both medication and electroacupuncture sessions reported significant improvement in basic cognitive skills and in everyday function. These results are highly motivating and can play a major role in how we handle major depression disorders in the future.

If you may benefit from this treatment please give us a call so we can discuss a treatment plan that will have you on a path to success.

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