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Traditional Chinese medicine and Spring Symbolism

March has arrived and with it comes the season of Spring! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of rebirth and new growth. The element corresponding with the season is wood. Additionally, the corresponding organs are the liver and gallbladder.

Spring brings us time for expansion, growth, and change as the energetic movement is up and out. Spring is a perfect time for cleansing and renewal both for nature and for humanity. This rush of energy gives all of us inspiration to bring our creativity and goals to fruition.

If you are noticing a lack of creativity during this season your body could be hinting that your liver is out of balance. You may feel angry, frustrated, indecisive, or simply ‘stuck’ in life. While spring is represented by the word element, this helps to bring light to any liver and balances that may lie within you. The wood element also governs your spine, joints, and proper storage and disbursement of blood in the body. More importantly, the liver governs your mood.

If you are noticing your mood being a little out of whack coming into the season, check out some of Michigan Acupuncture Studio’s favorite tips to help soothe and cleanse the liver. These tips will help uplift your mood and bring you to a balanced state.

Eat light - avoid aggravating your Qi with heavy meals. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than three large meals.

Cleanse - Time for a gut check. Get your bowels moving and release accumulated toxins and other unneeded things within your digestive system.

Create Order - Clean your home and workspaces. Kick out the old and allow room for new things into your life.

Eat green - Leafy veggies and greens help cleanse the body and boost liver function

Eat sour - Lemons and limes are a great flavor booster and are a must during this time. Even try adding them to water!


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