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The Chinese Medicine Body Clock

The Chinese medicine body clock gives us valuable information on how the natural cycle of qi is moving through the body. It also demonstrates what organ systems work the strongest and weakest at specific points throughout the day.

This body clock is an excellent tool that helps us see what time of day is best to nourish certain organ systems. With proper nourishment at the correct times, we can maximize the impact leading to health throughout the body. This system is also great for allowing insight into the organ systems. It can show if they are out of balance, deficient, in excess, and what tells us what we need to work on to restore harmony within the body.

An example: A patient keeps waking up at night, somewhere from 11 PM to 1 AM, and finds themselves using the restroom. As shown in the image above, this time is associated with the gallbladder system. The gallbladder is the yang organ and the Yin partner is the liver organ (each organ system in Chinese medicine is paired with a partner as Yin Yang is always in balance).

With that said, if you're not sleeping well, then your natural body clock may be out of balance. This can be affecting your physical, mental & emotional well-being. Together, through the use of Chinese medicine, we can dive deep into the roots of the imbalances that may be causing internal issues.

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